Disney Research – 3D texture-paint in real time

A division of Disney called Disney Research introduced a new interesting project. Namely, the software tool is able to convert regular two-dimensional drawing (children included) in a 3D model. The application runs under Android and iOS, and built it on the basis of the Unity platform that is normally used for creating mobile games.

In order to activate the picture, you just need to put it on your camera phone with this app running. Then the program will do everything for you, just enjoy what he saw. However, as you can see, the original “texture” and color scheme remains the same, the author. This app can be used even if you just painted a picture in a children’s coloring book.

Somehow the app is even able to simulate the opposite direction of the object, which for obvious reasons is not visible in the figure, and often the author himself has about it no representation. In the announcement posted just this picture, where the application is modeled humanoid the back of an elephant dressed in trousers and shirt. According to the developers, the program copies the pixels from the visible side, and uses this information to generate other parts.

Perhaps the developers will continue to improve your project and make it possible to use the generated characters in any online game. Unfortunately, while it is impossible to buy or download for trial. There is only the opportunity to explore the project’s website here or view the video and be surprised by how interesting everything is organized.


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