Disney’s Descendants Game

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Company Disney decided to act on a proven scheme, when simultaneously with the release of the movie or TV series on the shelves of the App Store appears the same application. The game, like the film “Descendants“, will be interesting to children of preschool and younger school ages. If Your child has no video magic movie – You’re in luck, soon get the extra half hour of free time.

The game is 100% positive and moral so that you can safely give your iPhone or iPad in the hands of children. In the beginning, you will need to create your character, choose facial features, hairstyle, and dress of the hero of their own taste. The choice of the initial capacity is low, however, as the passage will open the advanced options of customization.

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After the initial settings, our hero finds himself in a magical school. Communication with the first character gives to understand the basic principles of managing the game. The child should handle everything without problems. Gameplay dialogues that will be very useful little gamers. Sometimes you have to choose one of the answers that, unfortunately, do not particularly affect the development of the plot. The only thing that can change the attitude of another character to Your, however, about any anger or loss of trust of the question. All can be restored in the next dialogue.

As you progress through open new locations. Painted all very bright and colorful, kids won’t get bored. Many places will be familiar to all who watched the movie. Moving around the building requires skill and memorization of places and their names. Each character tries to arrange a meeting at the other end of the school, calling only one landmark to find the place is not difficult, but the memory at the same training.

Developers to move between locations. At the time of travel by moped or car, we show a modest animation of movement of a vehicle from one point to another. No one’s asking you to make the process interactive, but it would be possible to make a picture fun. The same applies to embedded mini-games. They are all made one way. For most jobs you need to look for a spot on the screen and to press them many times. The first few quests the kids will take an interest, but then – can get boring.

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The Heirs are three game currency. Coins and medallions can be purchased for real money, and apples – are exchanged. To accumulate gold is not difficult, medals gets less, but to collect them as possible. Apples are responsible for the strength of the hero and consumed when performing tasks. When the fruits will either have to wait for some time, or to give a little bit of accumulated resources. So virtual wealth is spent on the clothes of the hero, which opens as it passes. Play no financial investment is possible.

In the end, Disney was frankly a simple children’s game that can hold only fans of the same movie. The other players are likely to take place until the first end of apples when you need to wait a little, and then not remember about the application.

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